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    Bienvenidos a la nueva web de ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER

    Desde ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER hemos querido actualizar el diseño de nuestra web con el objeto de ofrecer un espacio más cercano y novedoso a nuestros clientes.
    De este modo, hemos creado el entorno idóneo para mostrar quiénes somos y lo que hacemos. Poniendo de relieve nuestra dedicación para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas intervenidas de laringe, para que continúen haciendo la misma vida de siempre. ...


Welcome to artesano francisco chiner’s new website

Find our new updated website, which aims at offering a closer online site for our customers.


We have created the ideal setting to show who we are and what we do. We intend to improve laryngectomy patients’ quality of life, allowing them to pursue their life as they want to.

Our company was founded in 1940 and it has been designing and manufacturing laryngectomy and tracheostomy tubes in different materials – silver, polyethylene and silicone. We know how important offering the best product to customers is and now we would like to improve communication with them.


We have created a Latest News section and a Blog in order to inform our customers about any news in the field of tubes that might be useful for them.

Our new website is also linked to social networks. We would like to have a more active participation and to know about people’s opinions first hand. From now, access to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google Plus is available so that our customers can follow us as they choose.


Visit us without delay and solve any queries you may have.