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    Welcome to artesano francisco chiner’s new website

    Find our new updated website, which aims at offering a closer online site for our customers. We have created the ideal setting to show who we are and what we do. We intend to improve laryngectomy patients’ quality of life, allowing them to pursue their life as they want to…...


Our vision


ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER S.L. focuses on the field of medical devices for tracheostomy and laryngectomy patients. It is a leading company in the manufacture of tubes at a national level and it also sells its products to several American countries.


The quality of our products is the hallmark of our company. We believe in innovation, safety and people’s comfort and we pursue excellence in our products that will satisfy our customers. We are also highly involved in the after-sale service, which makes us a reference in the field.

Reliability and functionality of our products is based on the compliance of the strictest safety criteria. An example of this are the ratings awarded by quality and safety agencies at global level.


We persevere in our goal and focus on people’s satisfaction and quality of life. We work to enhance their personal welfare.