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    Welcome to artesano francisco chiner’s new website

    Find our new updated website, which aims at offering a closer online site for our customers. We have created the ideal setting to show who we are and what we do. We intend to improve laryngectomy patients’ quality of life, allowing them to pursue their life as they want to…...

Apps that make communication easier

ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER joins 2.0 world and devotes its first entry to the problem both patients and professionals are faced with when going through these kinds of surgical interventions: communication. It is important to follow the recommendations before surgical intervention, and it is essential to know how to explain all the stages in the process as well. To the possible complications we need to add a vital factor: the new nature of communication. The person who is going to undergo surgery needs to accept a partial or total loss of voice during the process or, in some cases, indefinitely…...

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