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    Bienvenidos a la nueva web de ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER

    Desde ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER hemos querido actualizar el diseño de nuestra web con el objeto de ofrecer un espacio más cercano y novedoso a nuestros clientes.
    De este modo, hemos creado el entorno idóneo para mostrar quiénes somos y lo que hacemos. Poniendo de relieve nuestra dedicación para mejorar la calidad de vida de las personas intervenidas de laringe, para que continúen haciendo la misma vida de siempre. ...


About us


ARTESANO FRANCISCO CHINER S.L. is a reference company in the manufacture of silver, silicone and polyethylene cannulas for tracheostomy and laryngectomy surgeries. We are the leading manufacturer of these kinds of cannulas in Spain and we sell our products internationally as well.


We were founded in 1940 and we have got a great experience in manufacturing surgical products. We comply with the European standard 93/42/ECC related to healthcare products.


Francisco Chiner S.L.’s products are used at most national and international hospitals thanks to specialised supply companies.

Reliability and functionality of our products are based on the compliance of the strictest safety criteria. An example of this are the ratings awarded by quality and safety agencies at a global level.


Our handcrafted products ensure the highest quality standards and make us have a leading position in the market. Different processes like double trial of our products, hygiene and sterilization standardized protocols and regular audits are Artesano Francisco Chiner’s hallmark.


Artesano F. Chiner is a company that develops its full potential as a manufacturer thanks to its highly qualified human capital. Its growth in the last few years is due to the love for excellence and the willingness to offer the best healthcare products for everyone.